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Before the mighty Saturn V rocket came on the scene at Kennedy Space Center, rockets and astronauts were launched from launch pads along the beach at Cape Canaveral. The pads are know as “slick” and then the number. For example, “Slick 17.” The “slick” comes from the acronym Space Launch Complex, or “SLC.” A great site for a virtual tour of CCAFS is Here. Thanks to Rob for permission to use a map from his site.

Unmanned Launch Pads, south to north along the beach (click the pad number to go there):

SLC 17  SLC 46  SLC 36  SLC 12  SLC 13  SLC 15  SLC 20  SLC 37  SLC 40  SLC 41

Manned Launch Pads, south to north along the beach (click the pad number to go there)::

SLC 5  SLC 14  SLC 19  SLC 34


Map showing locations of launch pads at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

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